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Rizhao Lingyunhai Sugar Group

Rizhao Lingyunhai Sugar Group was established in February 2002. It is a combination of sugar production, refining and processing, soybean processing, cogeneration, sales, warehousing, e-commerce, woven bag production, hotel services, and domestic and foreign trade. Large joint-stock enterprise. The group consists of two refined sugar factories, one soybean processing plant and 10 independent legal entities. The group has 4000 tons/day soybean pretreatment and leaching workshop, 800 tons/day soybean oil refining workshop, plant engineering and public works, etc. After the project is completed, the annual processing soybean volume can reach 1.2 million tons, and the main products are annual output. About 200,000 tons of first-grade soybean oil, with an annual output of about 98 million tons of soybean meal and by-products.
On May 9, 2010, Rizhao Lingyunhai Sugar Group Co., Ltd. purchased 14 sets of ф800×1500 energy-saving hydraulic rolling mills independently developed and produced by Donglong Company, and 8 sets of ф400×2100 high-efficiency hydraulic crushers for 4000 Ton/day soybean pretreatment workshop production. Our company's products are stable in operation, high in energy efficiency, and have created significant economic benefits for Rizhao Lingyunhai Sugar Group Co., Ltd., which laid a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation between our company and Rizhao Lingyunhai Sugar Co., Ltd.


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